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Clothing Collectibles Antiques Household Book

Antique Candle Holder - $10

Black, holds 3 taper candles

Antique One-of-a-kind Sail Ship - $200

Hand made, cow horns, unique, rare, in perfect condition.

Indian Perpetual Calendar - $40
From 1970s, good until the year 2028, wall hanging or desk stand, brass, highly detailed, nice artistry

Hand Carved Camels - $50

Nice wood hand crafted camels, and donkey, more than 60 years old.

Vintage Coaster Set - $40

Set from the 1950s, in original box, in perfect condition, 8 piece crystaline coasters,
good for kitchen or dining serving

Household Items

GE White Microwave - $100

White Microwave made by General Electric. Perfect for cooking, lots of settings including Timer, Popcorn, Beverage, Potato, and more. For use in kitchen. Makes food hot or defrost. $250 new and this one is only $100. In perfect working condition.
Has turntable, clock, and easy to use. Nuke radar range home eat eating.

Drink Shakers for mixing drinks, metal, keep drinks cold - $10

High Quality Coffee Table - $20
In great condition, except the front of the drawer is missing. This is an excellent piece you will enjoy for many years.

Miscellaneous Items

Safety Goggles - $10

Clear plastic safety goggles with elastic strap, one size fits all, adjustable. Good for lab work, science, chemistry, engineering, or protection of eyes.

Dead Fish Stuffed Plush Toy - Meanie Baby, which is like a Beanie Baby but evil, fun, funny, gag gift. $5.00

Gould Biomation K100-D Logic Analyzer - $50

Useful for programmers, engineers, electricians, and geeks of all sorts.
This will take any input or program and break it down into binary, hex, or octal or into assembly.
This is great for education, hobbies, nerd craft, computer, electronics, and fun.
A logic analyzer is an electronic instrument which displays signals in a digital circuit. A logic analyzer may convert the captured data into timing diagrams, protocol decodes, state machine traces, assembly language, or correlate assembly with source-level software.
It works and is in great condition. 

Boxes of White Plastic Bags - $10
Each box contains 1000 bags with handles, bags are good for a store, trade show booth, retail, selling anything, the size is 22x7x12, technically they are T-shirt size bags but are perfect for books, magazines, comics, music, they are all in perfect condition.


The Historical Helix: A "Revolutionary" View of History
by Gary F. Goodman and Kirk Wildman
Limited Edition. Only 1000 were ever printed. Rare.
This book describes a new theory, a way of seeing history as moving in coils.
Historians, scientists, sociologists and mathematicians would love this book.
Published by Island Heritage in Hawaii. Copyright 1975
Library of Congress Catalog Number 74-3804
$5 for paperback $19.95 for hardcover

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