Planeshift Quest Guide to Planeshift Quests



Quest Name (if known)






Hydlaa Plaza


Picking for Parcen

Talk to Jomed Parcen. Say "can I have a quest". Get 12 night mushrooms. Give bag of mushrooms to Sharven at the temple, return candle. Reward is a wooden spoon and trias.


Know the crystal way

Talk to Govell Mihdren. Say “yes”. Levrus Dahrenn sells glyph from each of the ways, get one for Crystal Way. It is the arrow glyph. Reward is 3000 trias or 1050 trias and 200 xp.


Govell Mihdren Needs Tattoo Ink

Talk to Govell Mihdren. Get tatto ink from Levrus, need clump of iron ore (rock pick), bottle of tannin (leather worker), green dye (carpet worker), and powdered diamond crystal (gem cutter). Reward is Crystal ring and 900 xp.


Amidison’s command

Talk to Amidison Stronghand. Say “give me a quest” or "can i help you?". Say “yes”. Go to Aerayau Strongwill. Give Aerayau the letter. Say “yes”. Say “yes”. Aerayau gives you a letter to give to Amidison. Go to Amidison. Give Amidison the letter. Reward is 2 Octas, 300 xp.


A Brand New Knife for Burdess

Talk to Burdess Quirain. He needs a new filleting knife. Get it from Jomed for 50 tria. Give to Burdess. Reward is a carp fish and over 2000 tria.


Oh shinning crystal

Talk to Ondren Torr. Soothe Ondren’s delecate soul. wants Kran poem, find me a slim volume of Kran poetry, Arion lent it to Aliress Doomforge, she let it get burnt, 3 rhymes, get crystal glyph. Reward is 2000 xp + 7 octas + Crystal Glyph + Faction Kran.


Krestal’s letter delivery

Talk to Krestal Dhusho. He wants you to deliver a letter to Brado in Ojaveda. Deliver letters, one to Ojaveda, Brado in tavern is Dsar Akkaio, the other to merchant Ervin Fromaad (Harnquist or in Kada-El's or ledge near Laanx temple), return for payment, tell her Brado received the letter and give special mug. Reward is 1 circle + 1 hexa, 7 octas, 1200 xp.


William’s lock

Talk to William Chorind. He needs a magic lock. Go to Levrus. Say "about magic lock". Go to Harnquist. Say "about lock". Buy lock for 20 tria. Give lock to Levrus. Answer "egg". Answer "diamond". Give diamond to Levrus. Get magic lock. Give magic lock to William. Reward is Leather Torso Armor + 1200 xp + faction merchants.


Charisa’s Prayer

Charisa Malod. Say “can I help you”. Say “yes”. She wants you to take a prayer to the Iron Temple. Give the prayer to Sharven. Say “Charisa” He needs a night mushroom. Give him 1 night mushroom. Give ashes to Charisa. Say “yes”. Reward is Greater potion of healing + Potion of Mana + Factions Laanx + 300 xp,


Remant Gauntlets

Talk to Remant Tovere. He needs his gauntlets. Ask workers in temple, library and tavern. Lori Tryllyn has them. Reward is Trias.


Remant Sword

Talk to Remant Tovere. He wants a broadsword. They drop from Rogues. Reward is 250 iirc.


Thorian Shield

Talk to Thorian Gronk. He gives you a shield and tell you to force Harnquist to fix it. Tell Harnquist "The Spine will know." It costs 30 to get the shield repaired. Give repaired shield to Thorian. Reward is 1150 xp.

Just Call Him Lucky

Talk to Rolara Hammersong. She wants you to find out if her husband is safe. Reward is 10 circles, 3500 xps.


Neyehbes (aka Boralis Needs Neyehbes)

Talk to Boralis. Reward is Goblet.

Harnquist is Hungry

Talk to Harnquist. He wants two apples. Buy them at the tavern or get them from an apple tree. Give them to Harnquist. Reward is 2 Hexa + 100 Exp.


Harnquist Tin Ore

Talk to Harnquist. He wants 5 tin ore. Reward is 4 Hexa + 400 xp.


Harnquist Weapon Commission

Talk to Harnquist. Go to Trasok, ask "about gilded hilt". Reward is 2 octas + 450 xp.


Learning Metal Working

Talk to Harnquist. He wants 2 iron ore. Reward is Working with Stock book.


Making Metal Stock

Talk to Harnquist. Reward is Info.


Learning Sword Working

Talk to Harnquist. Reward is Book of Blades.


Talk to Harnquist. He will say "If you are interested in learning more about metal working, I can teach you. Are you interested? It will cost you 100 trias." Answer “yes” and give him 100 trias. Reward is metallurgy knowledge.


"Sword making is a valuable trade skill. Are you interested in learning?"


Type "yes" and he will ask you to give him 2 Steel Stocks. After giving him them he will ask for an "Armor Glyph". You can buy it from Levrus. After giving him the glyph he will give you the "Book of Blades".


See the Metallurgy skill for information about how to make steel.


If you dont have the "Working with Stock" book he gives in an earlier quest you may delete this one and try to get the other one first. Harnquist has the bad habit of asking for the steel stock right away. This is a bug.


"Aren't you tired of adventuring? I think you should settle down a bit and learn new things, maybe learn a job! Hydlaa needs people that help the economy to grow, new builders, architects, bakers, etc... Are you interested in learning a job?"


Say "yes" and he will ask you to bring him 2 Iron Ores. You can mine (see Mining skill) the ore or buy it from other players, it does not matter. After giving him the ore he will ask for a pair of leather gloves, which Boralis up the stairs near the north gate sells. He will give you the "Working With Stock" book for this.


Eventually he asks for two Steel Stocks as a much later quest. This is a bug. If you get this first, delete it and keep asking until he want the 2 Iron Ores.


Finara sack

Talk to Finara Plund who is a guard near the North Gate. She asks you for a sack. Kaiman or Toda sell them. Reward is 30 tria.


Talk to Finara Plund. Go to Kaiman Jilatt and get her lunch, she sent or give lunch sack.


A Different Drink For Allena

Talk to Allelia Symiestra. Visit Aleena on roof deck, come back and ask, take new drink to Aleena.


Joining the Guards

Talk to Jefecra Harcrit. She suspects Thorian Gronk in Kada-El Tavern is up to something, ask everyone about him. Ask in library. Ask him. You find out he makes illegal potions. Reward is 1500 trias.


Taria’s Courier

Talk to Taria Prestis. Find messenger and cost to send something small to Eagle Bronze Doors.


The Dye

Talk to Loren Chama. Reward is 3 Octas + 600 Xp + Faction Ylian.


Wood Sculpture

Talk to Loren Chama. Reward is Book of Blades or Light Glyph + 4 Circles + 5000 Xp + Faction Ylian + Faction Stonebreaker + Faction Good.


Zak and a box

Talk to Pauril. Reward is 10 circles + Shadow Glyph + small onyx dagger (quality 1/1) + 1000 xp.


Becoming a Laanx follower

Talk to Menlil Toresun. He asks if you are already a member of the temple. Say “no” to get the quest. He asks 1000 tria  to enroll you. Give him 1000. Reward is the ability to receive further quests from Manlil.


Search for the old coin

Talk to Menlil Toresun. He asks for old coins for a magic experiment. He says those coins are inside the well. Useless to search in there. Go to Nyshin, by the ruins behind Trepor Valley, and say "can I have and old coin?", she will give an old coin in exchange for a rock pick, say yes, and give her the rock pick. Then give the coin to Menlil, he'll pay 800 tria. Reward is 500 trias.


Talk to Menlil Toresun. Tell him "give me cure" and answer his following question with "yes". Give him the 50 Trias (one hexas) he wants and he will give you the "cure disease potion". Give this potion to Gorbiak and the quest is finished.


Search for old Pottery

Talk to Menlil Toresun. Menlil asks for an old pottery to make a magic experiment. Old shop use pottery to store liquids, find old vase or similar, more ancient the better. Go to Ojaveda, ask Brado "tell me about old pottery", and he will tell you about an old vase. Say you want it and Brado will ask 10 trias (i think an hexa will do). Get the vase and go back to Menlil. He will make the experiment and get a weird message in an ancient language. He will tell you to ask Jayose what it means. Go to Jayose and just repeat the phrase (Herta Feer Garad). Jayose will tell it means "light forms shadow" or something. Just go back to Menlil and repeat what Jayose told you. Reward is Hand Glyph.


Holy Script (aka Sharven's Holy Script)

Talk to Sharven Xant-Areth. Ask "can i have a quest?" He will tell you about an ancient script that was found and needs to be picked up from the library. Go to the library and speak with Jayose. Ask him "Can I have Lost Holy Script?". He will tell you to tell Sharven that the price has doubled. Go to Sharven again and tell him "Price doubled". He will give you a promissory note (even though it says 'emissary' note.) Return to Jayose and give him the note. Then return to Sharven and give him the script. Reward is a High Quality Amulet or Ancient Amulet.


Sharven’s artifact

Talk to Sharven Xant-Areth. Reward is Meteor Glyph.


Talk to Sharven Xant-Areth. He will ask if you are a laanx follower say "yes" He will ask if you are aware of the principles of the laanx religion again say "yes" He will ask how many times you pray to laanx say "5", it may not work right away. If after a couple times he still says he doesn't understand you, start the quest over and when you get to this point again make sure you use the /say part in the chat box when you tell him "5" He asks what the most famous book the laanx temple owns is the answer is "the book of names" He asks what the city that laanx ruled for years in is called, its name is "Kadaikos" He asks if you want to know more about a magical artifact say "yes" He will ask a similar question after that again reply "yes" Now he gives you a riddle that says "If crystal is born 8, what is the magic number of Brown, Dark and Red?" The number is on the fountain, however, it would be easier if I just told you it was 36. After you get the number, tell sharven "about artifact" He asks where you found the answer to the riddle say "fountain" Next, you tell him the number "36" He asks if you are willing to help him say "yes" He will ask you to retrieve 4 emerald crystals, you can buy them off of players for about 100 tria each or you can mine them in the laanx dungeon. The only spot to mine them is in the green pool in the room near the Thugs. The room should have a Grendol inside it. Make sure you sit in the pool and type /dig emerald crystal in your chat box. Once you get 4 emerald crystals go to sharven and trade them to him. He will then ask you for an ulbernaut heart. You can buy these also off of players but generally prices range all the way up to 20k at the most. If you can kill ulbers you're better off doing that unless you have enough money to buy one. Go to Sharven and trade him the Ulbernaut heart and he will give you a reward.


Emporium raid

Talk to Rinna Voladrand. She gives you the note. Go to Zak. Give note to Zak. Say "You thief". Go to Rinna. Say "you have been marked". Go to Zak. Give Zak note again. say "who wrote the note". say "Rinna". Go to Rinna. Say "onyx dagger". Go to Rabartus. Say "onyx dagger". Give note to Rabartus. Reward is 950 trias or 3 circles, 4 octas + 3800 xp.


Frilaa’s Lost Husband

Talk to Frilaa Bhundri. Ask “Can I help you?”. Say “about husband”. Say “yes”. Talk to Amidson. Say “about Frilaa’s husband”. Talk to Brado. Say “about Frilaa’s husband”. Talk to Fruntar. Say “about Frilaa’s husband”. Talk to Enack. Say “about Frilaa’s husband”. Say “yes”. Give Enack 1000 trias. Talk to Frilaa. Say “he was captured”. Reward is 2 circles, 1400 xp, faction good, factions Good +.

East Hydlaa


Rememberance of love

Talk to Fholen Medraa. He wants to know what happened to a large piece of jade he had in his youth. loved and lost Mirlene, sold jade to her father Jogar Fromaad. Say “yes”. Talk to Ervin. Say “about Fholen”. Talk to Trasok. Say “about jade”. Say “about buyer”. Talk to Edrich. Say “about jade”. Talk to Kaiman. Say “about jade”. Talk to Grok. Say “about jade”. Give Grok 1000 trias. Give Fholen jade. Reward is 6 circles 10 octas, 1200 xp , factions Mining + Good +.


Taulim Wilaal pulls a prank (aka Wooden Sword)

Talk to Taulim Wilaal. He needs a wooden sword. Get wooden sword from Gregori Terea. Reward is 4 octas 1000 xp faction chaos +.


Yonda’s late delivery (aka Yonda’s Delayed Delivery)

Talk to Yonda Axebow. He wants information on a late shipment of fungus stems. The special wood is normouwerri. Taemian Yangnk at the Eagle Bronze Doors supposed to bring, check with him (ask about her normouwerii stems or about fungus or yonda sent me), fix leads with leatherworker in hydlaa. Reward varies.


Get a performance

Talk to Roya Vuntarr. She is looking for people to attend her show. She hands you a flyer which you must give to the owner, who is Brado, at the Broken Door tavern in Ojaveda. Brado wants Serevim Colat and her to sign a contract, Serevim needs to sign first. Return contract to Brando then to Roya. Reward is Stone ring, 1400 xp + factions Ynnwn.


A Husband’s Dilema

Talk to Jeyarp Grotemey. Get book from Jayose, ask about Jeyarp’s book, riddles, purple, crystal/gem, ring, back to him, say ring, arion translated book, purple gem ring, yes, give book. Reward is trias, 1000 xp, faction good +.


A Wife’s Dilema

Talk to Gayla Grotemey. Say “yes”. Talk to Jayose, say “about leather curing book”. Say “about enkidukai woman”. Say “tell me about ribbon”. Talk to Moren, say “tell me about enkidukai woman”. Say “ribbon around neck”. Talk to Tilari, say “tell me about leather curing book”. Say “Moren sent me”. Answer “yes”. Give Tilavi 12 rat hides. Give Gayla the book. Reward is 3 circles and 1000 xp.


Enchanted Jongleur’s Balls

Talk to Serevim Colat. Levrus helps with balls. Reward is 8 octas.


Save Edrich Sultov his reputation

Talk to Edrich Sultov. Say “yes”. He needs five axes, five short swords. Give 5 axes, then give 5 short swords. Reward is Fear glyph + faction merchant improved.


Lori’s Little Delivery

Talk to Lori Tryllyn. Deliver blue box to Nyshyn in ruins outside city, return with proof for fee. Reward is 3 cicles + 3 octas + 1000 Exp + faction thieves improved.


Saria’s Rush Job

Talk to Saria Dunwallow. She needs 2 diamonds, 4 rubies, 3 emeralds, 4 silver ingots. Reward is 24 octas + 800 xps.


Meeting Mirra Houphen

Talk to Mirra Houphen. She needs 4 apples.


Helping Mirra

Talk to Mirra Houphen. She needs 2 clacker meat, 2 clacker legs. Reward is 1 octa + 50xp + faction stonebreaker improved.


Kilas wants his abacus back (aka Get the abacus, aka Kilas Abacus Quest)

Talk to Kilas Tungse. He needs abacus back from Crosh Dunehammer, say “about the abacus” or “Kilas sent me” get abacux back, 64 days. Reward is 3 octas + 250 xp.

Kilas' Test of Education

Talk to Kilas Tungse. Say answer on return, "What species sits down as a gesture of friendship? Biorlitrosan (or lemurs). Which race is considered the first to use burial wells? Lemurs. The Kada-El Tavern has very soft beds. With what are they stuffed? sponge. Which town on the first level is closest to the Cups of Laanx? Sarpendil. Reward is "Hydlaa Housing Layout" book + 1000 xp + education factions.

Bend the Octarch's ear

Talk to Kilas Tungse. Convince Amidison Stronghand, Loren Chama, Saria Dunwallow, Raithen ask them to speed up the review or tell them about it, give Loren 500 tria, give Amidison plans, pickup carpet from Brintec for Saria, Raithen wants tickets for Arena show from saddlers (Krestal), receive Mind glyph. Reward is Mind Glyph + 1500 xp + government and education factions.


Moren tricker him out of magic items

Talk to Nevis Revori. He will tell he had once bad surprises. Say "tell me about surprise", he will say bad things about his ex-friend. Say "tell me about trick". He will talk about magical items and you'll get the quest. Moren, his "ex-friend" is the guard to his right, just on the other side of the gate! Go to him and say "tell me about dagger" (I always used to say “Who is Nevis?”), he will ask if it was Nevis that talked to you. say "yes". He will tell the same history and say the bracers are magical. Just say "no". He will give you his dagger so you can examine. Go to the Magic Shop and give the dagger to Levrus, he will tell you they are magical and that he needs the other magical item. Go back and tell Nevis (the first one) "give me bracers", go back to Levrus and give him the bracers. He will tell you a story. Go back tell each of the guards "explain mystery". Nevis will give you 1000 trias and Moren a Might Glyph. Reward is Might Glyph, 1000 Trias, 2350 xps, faction goods.


Murago Puntjal's Quick Favour

Talk to Murago Puntjal. Ask librarian for "Symbols of Talad, Lori says Kimlorm has it, get from Kimlorm, return to Jayose and pay 50 trias for copy. Reward is Trias.


A message for Dsar Sarraghi

Talk to Murago Puntjal.



Talk to Murago Puntjal. Reward is Amulette Will +3.


Jayose Lamp Fuel

Talk to Jayose. Reward is 250 trias.



Secret Garden


Jardet wants lake mushrooms

Talk to Jardet Forsill. He wants 2 lake mushrooms. Get them from the underground lake. Reward is 1200 trias or 2 Octats + 300 Exp.


Insects in the Garden

Talk to Jardet Forsill. He wants you to identify an insect. answer "yes".Hhe gives you a drawing. Reward is 500 Trias + 1000xp.


Stop Drainage Plan

Talk to Jardet Forsill. Reward is Energy Glyph + 1500 Exp + Nature Faction + Demorian Faction.



Eagle Bronze Doors



BDRoad 1


Nyshyn’s Silver Signet

Talk to Klannarr. Deliver ring first and then letter to Lori Tryllyn. She gives you a box, take it to Nyshyn. Answer "yes". Reward is Shovel and a few gold circles.


Grok’s Delivery for Durok

Talk to Grok. Ask “Can I help you?” Say “yes”. Go to Durok. Give him the jar. Give him receipt when he asks for it. Answer “yes” to riddle question. The answer to the riddle is “dead mountain”. Give Grok the receipt. Say “yes” when he asks if you want a saber. Reward is Sabre, 1100xp, 6 octas, Factions Kran +.


Cutroad Hospitality

Talk to Ukabnu. Reward is 200xp, Factions Evil +5.


A helping hand for Kisatol

Talk to Ukabnu. Reward is 2000xp, Factions Evil +5, 1750 trias, Battle Hammer.


Unlawful Undertakings for Ukabnu

Talk to Ukabnu. Reward is Summon or Weapon or Entropy or Sleep Glyph, 1000xp, Faction Evil +5 Thieves +5.



Bronze Doors Fortress


Deelor and the Rat Hat

Talk to Deelor Blackeye. He wants a hat made of rat fur. Talk to Jeyarp Grotemey in East Hydlaa. Tell Jeyarp “Deelor sent me” get rat hat. Give rat hat to Deelor. Give Deelor 5 rat hides. Tell Hirenns Hides in Ojaveda. Tell Hirenn “Jeyarp sent me”. Give the hides. Give the 50 trias. Give them back to Jeyarp. Give Deelor the rat hat.


Deelor is Suspicious

Talk to Deelor Blackeye. Say “give me a quest”. Say “yes”. Say “yes”. Say “yes”. Talk to Canyt. Say “about stolen goods”. Give Deelor the potions. Say “no”. Say “no”. Give Tarmeen the potions. Say “Deelor”. Reward is Sight Glyph (or just a Golden Shield), 900 xp, factions Law + Thieves -.


Tarmeen Alecheech missing stock

Talk to Tarmeen Alecheech. He is missing some skulls. He asks you to ask Deelor about the missing stock. Talk to Deelor and ask “what about the missing stock?” He says someone called Dark Wanderer was near the storage. Reward is Mind Glyph or Shield.


Hinoserri cannot see

Talk to Hinoserri. He needs carrot juice for eyesight, get from Jomed, wants hammer, return juice, find who has spectactles and ask where they got them, Hiacheius has them, needs diamond crystal, gold ore, take spectactles to him, receive badge for Easamau. Reward is Sunshine Squadron Badge.


Dark Circle hunt

Talk to Raithen. Go to Polyuntri Stevald and tell him "Raithen sent me". He will ask you to investigate on a group called "The Dark Circle" and bring one of the rings they use to identify themselves. You find 2 Dark Rogues in the Bronze Doors Mine, the tunnel, you can loot "Dark Circle Rings" from them. Give one to Polyuntri and he will reward you with a "Mercenary Helmet". Reward is Mercenary Helm.


Dangerous Winds

Talk to Raithen. Reward is Winch Access.


Polyuntri needs a key

Talk to Polyuntri Stevald. Say "can i help you". Say "yes". He wants a key with a dagger carved on it. find key for box (there is a dagger carved in it), get from Vaeiund (the key is a quest item from Vaieund). Give key to Polyuntri. Reward is Light or Darkness Glyph.

Polyunti Stevald serves Laanx

Talk to Polyunti Stevald. go to Sharven and say polyuntri sent me, talk to Gregori about Laanx, get Gregori rat eye, gobble ear, consumer leg, trepor egg sac, tefusang hide, and ulbernaut claw..., back to Sharven "burned by holy symbol", get necklace from Fholen(say Sharven sent me), back to Sharven, to Gregori with necklace(first) and letter, bring letters to Sharven and Polyuntri, Sharven gives QUEST ITEM "Platinum Holy Symbol of Laanx", get battle helm and "if Raithen sent you to check up on the Shadow Squadron, tell him Polyuntri serves Laanx first". Reward is Battle Helm.


Interview Sunshine Squadron

Talk to Rylour Awnnys. He wants you to talk to Zak, Sinto Gheshd, and Taulim Wilaal. Say to them “Rylour sent me” and ask “Why did you apply?” “What are your skills?” and “Can you use swords?” get their application forms. return and let him know you are ready or have the forms. Reward is 100 Trias + 3000 Xp + 2 Octas + Faction Guard.


Barl’s Extended Duty Contract

Talk to Beniua Busuka. Say “give me a quest”. Say “yes”. She wants a signed document from Barl Prestis. You need to go to Taria Prestis instead. Give her the contract. If she won’t sign tell Beniua she will not sign. Ask Taria to explain herself better, tell them she is pregnant, new contract to get signed, signed. Go to Beniua. Give her the item. Say “Taria will not sign”. Answer “The duty is too long!” Go to Taria Prestis and tell “Explain yourself better.” Go back to Beniua and tell “Taria is pregnant”. Give the old contract to Beniua, go to Aerayau Strongwill, and give the new contract. Answer “1400”. Go to Taria and give the contract. Return to Beniua and give the contract. Reward is 400 Trias.

Aerayau Strongwill's Epic Journey

Talk to Aerayau Strongwill. 

Talk to Aerayau Strongwill. Return letter.



Bronze Doors Canyon 


Taemian Yangnk needs a (aka The Anvil)

Talk to Taemian Yangnk. He needs a heavy anvil taken to Harnquist. Tell Harnquist ” Taemian Yangnk sent me”. need 200 load (strength to do it), bring to Harnquist, return letter. Reward is Master Crafted Hammer.


Talk to Taemian Yangnk. fix leads so yonda gets her wood, brought to jeyarp, takes a bit 100 tria, gayla says to look at "Octarchal decree on the Laws" in jayose's, come back and check about leads, pay 100 and get leads, return, tell Yonda it'll arrive tomorrow.


Hiacheius lost a valuable book

Talk to Hiacheius Dilechi. He wants a Golden Shield Diagram. returned, puzzle 6 black/6 red gloves, 13, receive 2000 tria.


Help with deciphering message

Talk to Thrynt Glass. He needs to decipher ZFYU VCNYM QBYH LHN CM VFCHXYX VS XULEHYMM. This translates to FLEA BITES WHEN RAT IS BLINDED BY DARKNESS. Reward is Pan Flute.


Zhaomal fears Raithen's spell

Talk to Zhaomal Shehan. He wants you to ask Levrus about Raithen. Raithen preparing to summon some ancient creature or force during the crystal eclipse, find out what he intends to summon, Levrus and Raithen have a history, Levrus does not speak to those who know Raithen, Levrus may point in right direction, return even if I fail, go ask Levrus about Raithen, once his apprentice, his new master is The Dark Wanderer, go to Dark, say about raithen, bring ulbernaut heart, get humanoid glyph (+ mind and peer into the soul of others spell), go to Zhaomal, say Raithen will save Yliakum. Reward is Humanoid Glyph + 1500 Xp + 2 Circles + Faction Guard (-).


Chrosor Soran has difficulties training (aka Get a Drink)

Talk to Chrosor Soran. Say “Do you have a quest?”. He wants a drink from Ojadeva. Say “yes”. Get drink "Dermorian Longbeard" from Brado in Dsar Akkaio in Ojaveda. Talk to Brado. Say “hello”. Say “Dermorian Longbeard”. Pay 100 tria. Give drink to Chrosor. Go back to Brado. Say “weakness”. Ask Brado if there is anything wrong with his mug that would cause weakness. Say “about mug”. Brado finds weakness glyph. He asks you to ask his emploees. Say “yes”. Ask all employees “about weakness”, Fruntar says to ask Tilavi (suspects her). Answer Tilavi “Fruntar”. Give Tilavi glyph back, receive Dark Way Ring. Reward is Dark Way Ring.


Kimlorm needs a new prayer book

Talk to Kimlorm. Give Vol. 1 to Murago Puntjal in East Hydlaa. Get Vol. 2 and give Vol. 2 to Kimlorm. Reward is Horned Helmet.



Outer Bronze Doors    


Sierann is waiting

Talk to Sierann. Say "who are you". Say "about fellows". Say "yes". Go to Worrem in Hydlaa and tell him "I'm wating for trias (change)". Say "Sierann is waiting". Go to Willam Chorind and ask him "about fake tria". get real tria. Go to Darphen Wrestele. (paying taxes with fakes" Tell him "about fake tria". Go to Aldaaren Phostle. Say "about fake tria". Say "yes". passed a glyph over them, aldaaren gives back tria and says that Amidison did it, Amidison says well done and gives reward, give tria to worrem and get lockbox for sierann to return

Get Grimal out of retirement

Talk to Raerul Bloodaxe. Say "can i help you". Say "yes". Go to Grimal Bloodaxe. Say "join the Sunshine Squadron". Say "Raerul Bloodaxe". Go to Raerul. Say "Grimal wants statue". Go to Grimal. Say "the sunshine squadron agrees". Go to Yonda Axebow. Say Grimal wants statue". Say "himself". Say "Grimal". Give her 2 clumps of molten iron and 100 tria. Give statue to Grimal. Go to Raerul. Say "Grimal will stay retired". Reward is 250 Trias, 1400 xp.


Lorytia Starhammer and the Clan reunion

Talk to Lorytia Starhammer. Say "can i help you". Say "yes". Go to Trasok. Say "lorytia sent me". Give Trasok the note. Say "it's good". Go to Lorytia. Say "Trasok gives his regards". Give her the Lorytia likeness. Go to Harnquist. Give him the notes. Go to Lorytia. Say "Harnquist sent me back". Go to Trasok. Give him the letter. Trasok needs an iron and gold ingot. Give them to him. Trasok needs a beer. Go to Brado. Say "Trasok wants beer". Get mug. Give mug to Trasok. Say "no". Get symnol. Give symbol to Loryitia. Say "yes". Go to Hiacheius Dilechi. Say "polish the clan symbol. Either answer the riddle or give him 200 tiras. Give symbol to Lorytia. Reward is Master Crafted RockPick, 3500 xp.


Stone Tablet (aka Canyt needs Stone Tablet Identifyed)

Talk to Canyt Klannarr. Say “give me a quest” or "can i help you". Say "yes". Go to Nyshyn Klannarr. Say "Canyt sent me". Say "yes". Give the stone tablet to Nyshyn ask her to identify, get something someone else lost. Say “Canyt sent me”. Give note. Give stone tablet. Bring ring and note to Trasok Starhammer in Ojevada, return with completed ring to Nyshyn, ring done "samota de puntijholo mo tabei", gave ring, have tablet and note, delivered, receive Golden Shield Diagram. Answer “yes” to sister question. Reward is Golden Shield Diagram, 3000 Exp, Faction with Enkidukai improves by 5

"can i help you"
2) "yes"
3) Find Nyshyn Klannarr and tell her "Canyt sent me"
4) say "yes" and give her the stone tablet
5) go to Toda Ombretis and tell her "about golden ring"
6) give toda three ulbernaut furs
7) go to Trasok Starhammer and give him the inscription note
8) go back to Nyshyn Klannarr and give her the ring
9) return to Canyt Klannarr and give her the stone tablet
10) give her the note


Nkaw's Contrition

Talk to Nkaw. Menlil caught him stealing candle holders as child, speak to him about it for him, ask him if he remembers him, remind him of the candlesticks. Talk to Menlil. Say “about candlesticks” or “about candle sticks”. Speak to Shavren about contrition, must be anointed (need pure water, one lump gold ore, Oil of Prayers (one alchemist) give as water, ore, oil). Reward is 6 circles, 1400 xps, faction laanx + guards.


Talk to Nkaw. Go to sysial, give letter and necklace, return with response.


Ineffective Affections

Talk to Nkel. Tell Nkaw that Sysial Shillor sent me and she turned him down. Reward is trias, 1000 xps, faction good + guards.


Easamau Lost his Badge (aka Find His Badge)

Talk to Easamau. Say “can I help you”. He lost badge. Say “yes”. Do Hinoserri quest. Give badge to Easamau. Reward is another quest.


Save Easamau's family home

Talk to Easamau. Say “Can I help you?” Say “yes”. Go to Darphen, Easamau sent you or speak to him of Darven Bounash, collect tax notes, Harnquist, Kaiman, Dhalia, Thorian, Uri. Talk to Darphen Wrestele. Say “Easamau sent me”. Say “yes”. Go back to Easamau and give the tax.

Alternative - 6 ulbers furs, 20 diamands, 50 yeux de rats. Say “no”. Say “about difficult alternative”. Say “yes”. Say “about taxes”. Say “yes”. Go to Darphen. Say “about taxes”. Say “yes”. Go to Dhalia. Say “about taxes”. Go to Thorian. Say “about taxes”. Say “ta gueule”. Say “about taxes”. Say “yes”.


Roobeth is Bored

Talk to Roobelh. Tell Yonda Axebow he sent you to get wooden toy. Reward is 600 Xp + 1 Octa.


Dark Wanderer wants the Messenger Bag

Talk to Dark Wanderer. Say “Give me a quest”. Say “yes”. Go to Aldaaren Phostle. Go to Levrus. Say “Raithen”. Say “yes”. Say “about Raithen”. When asked if he should continue say “yes”. Talk to Aldaaren. Say “ratboy”. Talk to Zak. Say “about bag”. Say “yes”. Talk to Gordy Pumuont. Say “Harnquist sent me”. Say “Harnqist”. Say “throw the dwarf up”. Get great axe. Give great axe to Zak. Reward is Weakness Glyph.


Vaieund book on Octarch's chess

Talk to Vaieund. Say "can i help you". Say "yes". Go to Jayose. Say "about Octarch's chess". Say "yes". Go to Lori Tryllyn. Say "about missing book". Go to Durok. Say "lori sent me". Say "about any strange people in the library. Go to Terea Lohdren. Say "Durok sent me". Say "about the dodgy fellow". Go to Zak. Say "Terea saw you". Answer "for wounds". Zak wants to know what bottle of Carrion Crawler Larvae is for "clean infectious wounds". Go toJayose. Give him the book. Go to Vaieund. Give him the book. Reward is Kayhandled Dagger, 3500 xp.


Meoeor wants to win the game

Talk to Meoeor. Say "can i help you". Say "yes". Go to Levrus. Say ""about Philter of Intelligence". Say "yes". Go to Murago Puntjal. Say "Levrus sent me". Say "yes". Answer "none". Go to Jardet Forsill. Say "Murago sent me". Answer "Nothing". Go to Sharven Xant-Areth. Say "about Philter of Intelligence". Answer "pressing the cork in". Go to Meoeor. Say "about philter of intelligence". Give him the philter. Reward is Vortex Glyph, 2000 xp.




Orchibaly Versus the Smelly Jelly

Talk to Orchibaly Gurpleferd. Get jelly from Mirra Houphen, give her recipe and say he sent me, four jars worth, gave recipe, said sent, need sack of joopiner berries from Jomed at Kada-El's, have jelly, receive sparkling green potion. Reward is 200 trias / 1000 xp Sparkling green potion + faction good and merchants.


What’s up with the carpets?

Talk to Brintec Dev-Onni. Say “give me quest”. Answer “yes”. Talk to Bjorid Haakthir and say "brintec needs carpets". Go to Brintec and say "bjorid needs blue dye" Get the dye. Give dye to Bjorid. Give scroll/bill to Brintec. Reward is 700 xp, 100 trias.


Brintec fur research

Talk to Brintec Dev-Onni. Say “give me a quest”. Say “yes”. He wants to know about materials for carpets. You can ask him about prices. Merrinez says he gets them from Ervin, Edrich, Hygmn, but very low prices from Thorian (his boxes had no official source). Talk to Bjorid Haakthi. Say “about carpets”. Say “materials”. Say “about place”. Say “about price”. Talk to Merrinez Dholant. Say “about Bjorid”. Say “about materials”. Say “about sources”. Say “about Thorian”. Talk to Thorian Grok. Say “about furs”. Answer “caravan”.  Talk to Bjorid Haakthir. Say “tell me about Thorian”. Talk to Brintec Dev-Onni. Say “tell about Thorian”. Reward is Lightning Glyph.


Bjorid Needs Hiccup Help

Talk to Bjorid Haakthir. He needs potion from Vladovic, need 4 charmflowers from ruins. Say “give me a quest”. Say “yes”. Talk to Vladovic. Say “give me hiccup cure”. Say “yes”. Talk to Nyshyn. Say “give me flowers”. Give the sketch. Talk to Aleena. Say “about charmflowers”. Say “four”. Talk to Nyshynn. Say “about lady”. Go back to Aleena. Go back to Vladovic. Go to Bjorid. Answer “yes”. Reward is 20 trias, 10 hexas, 5 octas, 2 circles, Golden ring, faction whith good, 800 xp.


Coveted traditions

Help Relliom help a friend.


Pinayet has a dented shield

Talk to Pinayet Ullavin. He needs a shield repaired. Give it to Trasok who examines it and gives it back asking for rivets. go to Jirosh and ask him about my shipment of rivets. Tell Jirosh “Trasok sent me”

Golden Ring

Talk to Toda Ombretis. Give Toda 10 tefusang hides. Reward is Golden Ring + 100 Exp + Faction Tefusang.


Toda's Armor Order

Talk to Toda Ombretis. Bring order to Jirosh, Trasok about plate mail gloves, tell Jirosh Harnquist will have his gloves, check with Harnquist about the gloves (jirosh sent me), Jirosh (harnquist is ready), Toda (harnquist made gloves). Reward is Merchants factions improved + 800xp + 250 trias.


Rats in the warehouse

Talk to Jirosh Mikana. 6 rat hides. Reward is 100 Exp + 100 Trias.


Jirosh Shipment Inquiry

Talk to Jirosh Mikana. Give list to Merrinez Dholant. Get crate. Give Crate to Jirosh. Reward is Trias.


Jirosh Stolen Statue

Talk to Jirosh Mikana. Find stolen statue, merrinez knows about cloth, has a Y on it, not a dwarf, tainted mug, drink is Twisted Emerald, at another bar, Jomed says he had protective pendant around neck (green gem and red eye), ask about pendant around temple, thinks name was "Smear", Sharven -about pendant, statue, greem gem, red eye, pay 500 tria, trainer for daggers (Lori?), Zak - about smear. Reward is 2000 Exp + 10 Circles + An Apple + Faction Merchant + Faction Enkidukai + Faction Thieves.


Merrinez bad mood

Talk to Merrinez Dholant. He’s in a bad mood. Say “why?” and he will tell you how hard his work is and how his hands are hurting. Go to Toda and buy him a pair of gloves. Trade the gloves to him. Reward is 350 xps, 1 circle and 3 octas, factions with enkidukai and good.


Merrinez love letter

Talk to Merrinez Dholant. Say "yes". Say "Toda". Say "letter". Say "yes". Go to Jayose. Say "can i have ink and paper". Pay 50 trias. Give ink and paper to Merrinez. Say "dear Toda". Say "write your mind". Say "love Merrinez". Say "yours". Say "yes". Give letter to Toda. Say "yes". Go to Merrinez. Say "special price". Reward is Rock Glyph + 7800 xps + factions with enkidukai and good.

Cooking help for Reffitia

Talk to Reffitia Thamal. You will need a kitchen knife. Say "Can i help you?" Answer "yes". Answer "yes". Then slice the food she gives you.


Rats and Recipies

Talk to Reffitia Thamal. Bring 10 rat hides to Brado, needs 10 carrots, 5 clacker meat, 1 tefusang tooth.


An Opening Move

Talk to Kisatol Ghathoji. Reward is 6 circles, 1000 xp, faction with thieves.


Brado wants a clean tavern

Talk to Brado. Give Brado 2 rat eyes. Reward is 50 tria or 100 Exp + 1 Hexa + Faction Rat.


Brado’s Order

Talk to Brado. Say "can i have a quest". Go to Jirosh. Give book "Brado's Order" to Jirosh. Give mugs to Brado. Reward is 80 trias or a mug or 3 Hexa + 300 Exp.


Schaeminare Soap for Fruntar

Talk to Fruntar Durek. Ask Saria about schaeminare soap. Go to Kaiman. Say "can i have schaeminare soap". Give soap to Fruntar. 


A Night Off for Tilavi

Talk to Tilavi Aurenta. Ask Fruntar about work that shift (tilavi wants her answer), fruntar wants apron. Tell Tilavi "Fruntar wants apron". Say "yes". Go to Hirenn. Tell him "Tilavi sent me". Say "apron". it will cost 200 tria or six rat hides and 50 tria. you have to pick one so say "rat hides" or "tria". Pay Hirenn. Give apron to Fruntar, say Fruntar says thanks. Reward is 5 octas, 400 xp, Faction Enkidukai +.


Tilavi is in Trouble

Talk to Tilavi Aurenta. Find missing dagger, Brado, Fruntar. Reward is 50 Trias 10 Hexas 7 Octas 3 Circles + Pie + Beer + 1000 Xp + Factions Good + Law + Enkidukai +.


Learning metal working in Ojaveda

Talk to Trasok Starhammer. He wants 2 iron ores (mine or buy).


Trasok Teeth (aka Tefusang Teeth)

Talk to Trasok Starhammer. Give 2 tefusang teeth to Trasok. Reward is 80 tria or Note of An Axe Maker + 100 Exp.

Ancient Sword

Talk to Trasok Starhammer. He gives you an ancient sword that he wants identified. Go to Grok Idon on Bdroad1 (on the road from hydlaa going to the bronze doors) and give him the sword. He asks who wants it identified say "trasok". He will cast some sort of spell on the sword and it will end up trying to attack him. He gets angry and asks you if you are playing some sort of trick on him, say "no". He will tell you what happened when he casted the spell on the sword then will recommend you go see Levrus. Go to levrus and ask him "tell me about Ancient Sword". Say "yes". Levrus tells you to go to the DR and ask around there for some help. However, before you die and go there.. make sure you're equiped with 4 trepor hearts. When you get to the DR find the Ynnwn on the opposite side of the library reading a book. Tell him "tell about ancient sword" and the man (Oriven) will ask if you want it identified, say "yes". He says he will identify it for a price of 4 trepor hearts. Give him the 4 trepor hearts and then he will ask for the sword. When he gives it back he tells you that the swords name is Heenarty and it's alignment is evil. Go back to Trasok in Ojaveda and give him the sword after he replies say "tell about ancient sword". He then asks the name of the sword say "Heenarty" then he asks it's alignment say "evil". Trasok will allow you to keep the sword and will give you a gift for you help. Reward is Darkness Glyph, Ancient Sword.


Learning Shield Working

Talk to Trasok Starhammer. Trasok will ask you "Shield making is a valuable trade skill. Are you interested in learning?" No tricks, only type "yes" and give him what he wants. First 2 "Steel Stock" (see Metallurgy skill for how to make steel) and then 2 "Rock Pick" (Toda is selling them in Ojaveda). The steel has to be given as a stack, so if you buy them from two diffent crafters it will not work. In this case you can let someone with smithing experience harden them to get his name on both stocks. Trasok will then give you the "Catalog of Shields" you will need for using the Shield making skill. Reward is catalog of shields 200xp + Factions Smithing +.


Vladovic Needs Dried Maajo

Talk to Vladovic Chel-Astra. try Liera in Arena, she says to go to Grok, forest path left, through small canyon, bear to right, cost 500 tria. Reward is 2 circles, 16 octas, 2 potions of mana, 850 xp, faction with merchants.


Trasok's Wrinkled Riddle

Talk to Vladovic Chel-Astra. Go to Trasok about "to construct a new alchemical furnace for me", gives page about a riddle, take to vladovic, "stable". Reward is 600 xp + factions alchemy.


The Pollen of Haos

Talk to Vladovic Chel-Astra. Get Herbica Esotica book from jayose, Lori has it, says "Curious, I wonder what he is looking up.", visit Kisatol and let him know that I need the haos pollen, must collect 60 circles from Darven Bounash. Reward is Divination Glyph.





Drinks in the deep

Talk to Crosh Dunehammer. He wants you to help him guard the bridge. Bring 7 mugs of red liquor, gives 3 silver Zak talked to demorian lady, not his real name Located "somewhere down there", at end of mine down spiral stairs.

Say “Can I help you”. Say “about way”. Say “what do you want”. Say “about fish”. Give Crosh 7 red liquors. Answer “no”. Say “about name”. Say “about lady”. Give Crosh 1 circle. Say “about name”. Reward is 3 silver ores, 800 xp.


Dece it full way (Deceive your way in)

Talk to Zak. Reward is Winch entrance!





Gorbiak Disease

Talk to Gorbiak. Say “rahle" and he will answer "rahle varta." Say "gertas lent olaat" and he will answer: "Me need cure... galer aht ... fear dying herak jilat.... halop." Gorbiak is not feeling well and needs a cure. Go to Menlil (laanx temple) and tell “give me cure”. Answer “yes” pay 50 trias. Get potion. Give potion to Gorbiak. Reward is 1400 Exp.


Gorbiak wants to speak

Talk to Gorbiak. Say “rahle”. Say “gertas lent olaat”. Talk to Jayose, say “Gorbiak sent me”. Talk to Levrus, say “Gorbiak sent me”. Talk to Talisa, say “Gorbiak sent me”. Buy 5 meats at tavern. Talk to Talisa, say “Gorbiak sent me”. Give 5 meats to Talisa. Give book to Levrus. Give 300 tria. Give it to Gorbiak. Reward is 800 Exp + 20 Hexa + Faction Gobble.





Weapon Identification (aka Identify Weapon)

Talk to Gregori Stevald. He gives you an Ancient Greataxe. Ask about it with Harnquist and Trasok. Trasok takes it and says it is Hammerwielder in origin and that Nyshyn Klannarr, by the ruins behind Trepor Valley, can tell more (won't be free) and gives Ancient Greataxe back. Nyshin accepts and wants ink and paper. Go to Jayose's, at the library in East Hydlaa. Go there and say "give me ink and paper", he will asks 50 tria for it. Pay and get ink and paper. Go back to Nyshin and give her the ink and paper. She says it is an axe made for Ynnwn champion to defend against invaders from the Stone Labyrinths beyond one of the Bronze Doors. She gives you the axe and a scroll/bag. Go back to Gregori and give him first the weapon and then the scroll. Reward is 5 hexas.


Gregori undreadable page

Talk to Gregori Stevald. Say “Can I help you?” Say “yes” He gives you a page in ancient language. Decipher Fifth one reads "and the mind of legends more than ten." Give the page to Levrus, Jayose, Sharven and Talisa. Then go back to Gregori and give it back. Say “riddle”. Say “justice”. Reward is stone glyph or Summon Glyph.


Liera’s Supplies

Talk to Liera Zireti. She needs supplies, 1st 10 rat eyes, now 3 tanned serpent skins from Hirenn (Ojaveda).


Vresa new sword

Talk to Vresa Nohdiir. Vresa writes a note for Harquist to make sword, go to Barrin Dhorod "about the experiment blade", bring 15 lumps coal on return, Barrin wants rogue's dark circle ring, receive 4 circs and mind. Reward is Mind Glyph, 4 circles + 3000 xp.



Magic Shop


Levrus Rat Eye

Talk to Levrus. You may need to ask “need ingredients?” He wants 16 rat eyes. Reward is the choice between three glyphs. Energy Glyph or Arrow or Cold + lose Factions points with Rats.


Levrus Coal Lumps

Talk to Levrus. He wants 10 coal lumps.


Ring of Familiar

Talk to Levrus. Ask “Can I help you?” Say “yes”. Say “yes”. He wants a golden ring and 10 diamond crystals. Get the golden ring from Toda by asking Toda for a quest. Toda asks for Tefunsang skins. Say "yes". Get them and Toda gives you the golden ring. Ask Trasok about the crystals. Mine diamonds in Dungeon. Return ring and diamonds to Levrus (give them NOT trade them). Reward is Ring of Familiar, ring with ability to summon your pet.

Levrus Gold Ore

Talk to Levrus. Say “yes”. He wants gold ore. You can dig it behind the Magic Shop. Reward is 20 tria above market price for one ore or 250 trias.





May Their Words Sound

Talk to Azarnith. Say “Hello”. Sit. Say “hello”. Say “about you”. Say “can I help you”. Say “yes”. Move close to him. Say “thank you”. Talk to Jardet, say “hello”. Say “about you”. Say “yes”. Say “thank you”. Give the rubys. Give the emeralds. Give the diamonds. Say “thank you” after the magic bag is made. Give the ruby. Say “thank you”. Say “he showed me ritual”. Say “turn it”. Say “mark circle”. Say “mark line”. Say “raise it”. say “slam it down”. Say “thank you”. Reward is 2000 Exp + Derghan Bell + Faction Derghir.

 Talk to Azarnith. Say "can i help you". Say "yes". Go to Jardet. Say "hello". Say "about you". Say "yes". Say "thank you". Give five emeralds. Give five rubys. Give five diamonds. Say "thank you". Go to Azarnith. Give the ruby to Azarnith. Go to Jardet. Say "turn it". Say "mark circle". Say "mark line". Say "raise it". Say "slam it down". Say "thank you". Reward is 2000 Exp + Derghan Bell + Faction Derghir.


The Winch


Deliver to the Hydlaa Merchants

Talk to Phanejor Mikana. He asks you to deliver 3 packages. Reward is 1200 Trias and factions.


The Great Manure Giveaway

Talk to Pawprech Forsill. Reward is 2000 xp + 7 octas.


From Archmaster to Archmaster

Talk to Ferryd Shillor. Say “Can I help you?” Say “yes”. Give package to Govell. Answer “Ferryd”. Say “yes”. Give item to Ferryd. Reward is Trias and Xp.


Plans for an Alloy

Talk to Shui Hri. He needs 6 copper ore from fallen stalactites, 4 tin from large rock by river. Reward is Chain Mail Pants.


Deadly Claws

Talk to Kelicha. Reward is Smithing info (bronze making).


Sharpen a Saw

Talk to Lentanor Thunderhead.


His brother’s riddle

Talk to Lerok Dilechi. Reward is Faction and trias + Chain mail armors.


Deeling with Young Engineer

Talk to Martiana Zeth. Reward is 5 circles, 1200 xp, factions Diaboli +.


Retrieve the troublesome sword

Talk to Venec Agenwolfer. He needs a sword. Talk to Trasok. Ask guards at eagle about stolen sword, Lorytia says to ask Tarmeen Alecheech. Tarmeen says ynnwn stole it (retired miner), Fholen says Narwin Molstagh or Grimal Bloodaxe, Narwin sort of says he will sell for 5000. Reward is factions good/.. + xp + amulet of commander.


Other’s bag

Talk to Hygrnn. Reward is Factions and trias.


Jecascis wants a ruby

Talk to Jecascis Airiskel. Reward is 1500 trias.


Engineering Plans

Requirements: “Get into Winch the Deceitful Way

Talk to Acigra. Say “delicious shadow moths”. Give engineering plans to Jefecra. Say “Acigra”. Note: the other way to do this quest would be to give the plans to Zak. Reward is factions “law” and tria.


The Coming Eclipse

Talk to Datal Vegisimi. Give Datal the sealed letter. Say “yes”. Say “yes”. Talk to Nodramok. Say “make me an apprentice”. Talk to Roobeth. Say “about message”. Say “square root of sixteen”. Say “four”. Talk to Nodramok. Say “four”. Say “about next task”. Give Nodramok the Fear Glyph. Say “about final task”. Say “no”. Talk to Hamel. Say “Leeshaile shol saardh”. Talk to Nodrumok. Say “he has been marked”. Give Datal the Eclipse Instructions. Reward is Life Glyph or Wall Glyph + trias and xps, factions Good + Government + Guards + Law +.


The Missing Equipment

Talk to Baboraer. Say “hello”. Say “can I help you”. Say “yes”. Say “thank you”. Talk to Thrynt Glass. Say “hello”. Say “about missing equipment”. Say “thank you”. Talk to Beniua Busuka. Say “hello”. Say “about storage form”. Say “Thrynt”. Say “thank you”. Go to Tarmeen. Give the storage form to Tarmeen. Say “thank you”. Take the Box Two Five Three. Go to Baboraer. Give the Box Two Five Three to Baboraer. Say “thank you”. Reward is 1500 Exp + Chain Mail Boots + Guard Faction + Klyros Faction.

Lost Winch Shipment

Talk to Axomir. Say "can i help you". Say "yes". Go to Phanejor. Say "has the shipment arrived?". Say "yes". Go to Jirosh. Say "about phanejor shipment". Say "to take care of pests". Go to Edrich. Say "about shipment". Give the statement to Jirosh. Go to Axomir. Say "the shipment will arrive tomorrow". Reward is trias and an Azure way glyph


Death Realm


Where the courier went

Talk to Londris Kolaim. He wants a package. Talk to Death Guardian. Reward is 10 circles, 2000 xps, faction with chaos.