before Ojaveda in enclosure to the left, back far right

on bdroad1 between ukabnu & grok (group of yellow rocks near grok)

exit oja corridor, make a right, then right again into round valley,

in the laanx dungeon near the coal mine.

further in the wilds away from grok, in a large flat valley on bdroad1.

Consumers at the head of that valley, tefusangs on the iron, and there is grove of trees there too.




Group of yellow rocks near the lake of tears on the way to the Bronze Doors, protected by ulbernauts. (With your back to hydlaa, lake of tears is on the right, gold mine is on the left)

One near Ojaveda, on the left between ROck Bridge and Irifon River.




One in the Irifon river going to Ojaveda

One is on the way to the ruins.

on way to Ojaveda, rock in river to left




In the laanx dungeon, on the bottom, follow the dirt corridor where zak is, until you reach the opposite side dead-end.

before Ojaveda in enclosure to the left, to the left

accros valley of iron near grok on bdroad




Near the gold mine on way to the Bronze Doors.

on way to bronze, 2nd road stalactite up to left




In front of Zak in the Laanx dungeon




In laanx dungeon, in great hall, near fallen carpet

Diamond - Enter hall in dungeon, wall straight ahead, rock to right


Jade and Ruby


In laanx dungeon, There's 2 pools of dark green water, Jade in one, Ruby in the other. ( the pools are not natural, but shaped by stone sides. )